Innocent Laizar

At this time, we offer:

Thin Bracelet:

The Pan African Bracelet: Red, yellow and green beaded bracelet.

Wide Bracelet:

  1. The Tanzanian National Bracelet: blue, yellow and green
  2. Traditional Colors Bracelet: black, yellow and red. Wide
  3. Zebra: Black and white stripes

Each purchase funds Innocent  in Tanzania and a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society Tanzania Program or African Wildlife Foundation plus postage and handling. It may take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Beautiful Beaded Bracelets Wear a story of giving back.

Wear something with purpose: It was over 1 year ago that I met a wonderful young man on Facebook from Tanzania. His name is Innocent Laizer. I learned that he helped his mother make beaded jewelry to support their family. These bracelets are unique, well made and represent the beautiful colors of Africa.

We are now making his collection available to you through “Innocent Offerings”.

The bracelets look great alone and are incredible when stacked. For a truly stunning look, wear the entire collection

Our Ministry Leaders

Black Red Gold
Black Red Gold$7
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Tanzania National
Tanzania National$7
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Zebra Bracelet
Zebra Bracelet$7
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Pan African
Pan African$7
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